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“The three finest cuisines on the planet are Chinese language, Chinese language and Chinese language” — James Beard

oo’mämē Chinese language Chile Crisp short-cuts the prolonged meal prep course of and all that chopping typical in Chinese language cooking, delivering a condiment you may merely add to your personal choice of recent elements. Simply stir a spoonful of ready-to-eat oo’mämē into any dish and wait to your tastebuds to be dazzled. We honor the Chinese language philosophy of concord balanced with uniqueness, and our oo’mämē Chinese language Chile Crisp brings layers of spicy Szechuan flavors and quite a lot of textures. Tingly Mala peppercorns, spicy crimson pepper flakes, chewy crystallized ginger, savory fermented black beans, and crunchy peanuts are simply among the visitors at this social gathering.

We landed on Szechuan for our first oo’mämē Chile Crisp since our founder Mark spent an excellent span of his childhood in China and the summer time of 1994 in Chengdu, the capital of the Szechuan Province. Chengdu is a UNESCO Metropolis of Gastronomy and it appeared like the proper space to have a good time as it’s the supply of Mark’s culinary ardour and the genesis of his love of world flavors. Chengdu is world-renowned for its spicy delicacies and culinary innovation. And, whereas at first look, Szechuan meals may appear to rely solely on scorching and spicy notes, Chengdu’s 200+ Masters Cooks are expert at nuance, coaxing out layered flavors with a finely tuned steadiness of the fiery Szechuan peppercorn.

Maybe the very best identified of Chengdu’s dishes is Kung Pao hen. Sizzling oil is infused with quite a lot of chilis, together with mala, the well-known Szechuan peppercorn. A contraction of two Chinese language characters –   and that means numbing and spicy, Mala is aptly named. From there, Kung Pao will get a critical dose of peanuts, garlic, ginger, and some different aromatics, together with hen marinated in a fermented rice wine, including a degree of umami. Our Chinese language oo’mämē Chile Crisp captures all that in only one jar.

Be part of the worldwide journey and our condiment revolution. Acquire the boldness to transcend your normal repertoire and discover new cuisines — from the comfortable of your kitchen!

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